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Frequently Asked Questions


Does EcoFlora have a minimum?
Yes.We have a minimum of $3000 for weddings.

Does EcoFlora require a deposit?
Yes, to book your wedding you will sign the contract and pay the $1000 deposit.

Does EcoFlora do more than one wedding per day? 
No.We will take on more than one wedding per weekend and have appropriate staff available for each wedding to get all the attention necessary to reach perfection.

Who will oversee my wedding?
Eva is the head designer and will oversee all arrangements for your wedding.

When is my final payment due? 
Thirty days before your wedding is when your final payment is due.We will met prior to the due date to solidify all arrangements. 

How many times do we meet?
For your initial consultation, we will chat on the phone.Once you have booked with us we will set up an in depth consultation at your venue or at our shop.

How long does it take to get my quote?
Your Floral Proposal will be emailed within a few hours of our initial phone chat.