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Who We Are

EcoFlora is owned and operated by Eva with help from her team. Occasionally, her team includes her two young children. Eva has been in the floral industry since 2005, opening EcoFlora in 2010. Originally starting as a hobby, EcoFlora flourished into a brick and mortar shop with a purpose, and NOW-as our final destiny- as an in home studio, offering special occasion deliveries and event florals. Our goal is to provide a sustainable source for all floral needs; from event flowers to terrariums. 

 Style & Quality

Sourcing locally helps us to ensure that your flowers are as fresh as possible. It also gives us access to truly unique blooms. From round & romantic to wild & rustic, EcoFlora can work with you to create your perfect vision.


The days before your wedding, I'm likely more nervous than you are. I want each flower to be perfect, each corsage to fit just right and each bouquet to match your vision exactly. I get started early, work late and surround myself with an incredible staff, so that you don't have to think twice about the flowers on your big day.

As a creative, I am painfully aware that I respond late to emails, show up to deliver flowers- toting two kids or miss the deadline for getting you a quote. I recognize that I am horribly disorganized. It is one of my biggest flaws, and I am constantly working on this part of myself. 

If you love my style, but can't deal with the disorganization, let me know. You're more than likely on my list of people to get back to, I just needed a nudge. I'll make an extra effort to be on my game with you-but i make no promises.

Cheers! -Eva


Source Matters

We take pride in sourcing our flowers from farmers that we know. During the growing season we use local farms such as Sunny Meadows and Anderson's Orchard. Our event roses come from PeterKort Roses. During the off season we try to source from North America. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, but we try not to let making exceptions become habit.

If you'd like to know the source of your flower, ask us.

Weather from a local farm, or not, we ALWAYS recycle and compost. We also rent containers for every event (unless asked specifically to purchase). As well as wrap flowers at the end of the event for guests to take home-so that they do not end up in the garbage. The average wedding in the United States produces 400-600lbs of waste (per Huff Post), We are doing our part to reduce that as much as possible.


“Normality is a paved road. Its comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”

— Vincent Van Gogh


When choosing EcoFlora, you're choosing the whole package, you will not be disappointed. (even if you get annoyed along the way)